from three base understandings : : 

GEO :: place-based
COMMU :: social group identity
NETRICS :: calculated graphics


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More than a new brand, Geocommunetrics is a new look at old philosophy: we belong to our places, and our places make us who we are. In a highly mobile and digital society, we can forget that it is the physical, the tangible, and the temporal things in this world that form us. Places - a home, a path, a watershed, a swingset - imprint their importance on your identity, and they become a part of your Self. 

Getting to know one's Self is crucial to knowing how one fits in his or her community. Getting to know one's community helps one to feel at home in that place. Feeling at home allows one to feel more comfortable expressing  one's Self creatively, and to be hospitable to others' creative expressions of the Self.

So, how can you make your Self at home?


Geocommunetrics prints, pillows, and textiles give a nod to the important places in our lives by using that place's zip code to determine its design. Whether you are waxing nostalgic for a town once called home, or nesting in a new context - or simply celebrating your present location - the designs bring a symbolic portrait of that place into your current home-space. 

As a resident of Evanston, IL, The Zip Code Kid is currently focusing on prints based on the three Evanston ZIP codes: 60201, 60202, 60203. Prints can be framed, made into pillows, or installed as something more (see below).

All materials are purchased locally. The pillows are collected from second-hand stores to be up-cycled. The prints are hand-made in TZCK's studio in south Evanston, and sewn-up right there. 

Every ZIP code in the US has a special design based on the numbers in the code. Custom prints can be made for any ZIP code, with some additional time and expense, just ask!


how to PURCHASE ::

All products can also be purchased directly from The Zip Code Kid, particularly if you want a custom product.  A successful project happens when the recipient of the Geocommunetrics piece gets to explore their home, identity, and sense of place. 

Please use the CONTACT page to discuss details with TZCK and start your project, or click here::



WHERE to buy now ::

Evanston Geocommunetrics Pillows are now on sale at Stumble & Relish in Evanston, IL.

Find them at 1310 Chicago Avenue. 

Be sure to check out all the colorful wares from other local artists! 

Visit them on the web here




We're always trying something new...

new patterns, new partners, new places.

Let's do something a little different together. Got a great big window that needs a new look? Maybe a wall that's lacking the "wow" factor? Looking for a collaborative project with a new friend? Let's get creative and explore how your house can me more of a home, re-imagine how the places of your past inhabit your present, and help make your  space hospitable for personal expression and social engagement. Collaboration catalyzes creativity.