The Ad Hoc Ladies' Cartography of Evanston goes to work mapping improvements desired for their city. 

The Ad Hoc Ladies' Cartography of Evanston goes to work mapping improvements desired for their city. 

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How do you survive in your city?
There are many ways to answer this question. We all need certain physical, spiritual, and social resources. But it's likely that some of us have great access, where others have greater need. Let's explore why.

What does equity look like, spatially?


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The Collective Cartography Workshop invites participants to become peer cartographers of their city or neighborhood. Led through questions of home, resources, drains, and dangers, the cohort creates a unique map that may reveal hidden treasures - or enlighten leaders to dire deficits. 

This workshop utilizes a communal pedagogy of peer discourse and aesthetic analysis of your geographic space to dig deeper into these questions of equity, place, and home.  Running 2-3 hours in length, it's the perfect way for community advocacy groups, non-profits, or leadership boards to reexamine how resources flow or fail geographically in their focus area.  Fit for both visually minded teams, as well as those who need a little prompting to get out of their heads and into action.

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Are you a community artist, leader, activist, or organizer?
Are you a considerate, curious resident?

Let's talk about setting up a Collective Cartography session for your neighborhood. Geographic scale of inquiry is dependent on your needs and goals. We can discuss a ward, a neighborhood, a city, or any place-based community. 

This workshop is particularly structured to invite self-titled "non-artists" into aesthetic and visual analysis of space. Thinkers, too, need to get their hands dirty. This may help your group focus on a particular project or broaden your scope on development. 

Do note that this is a questions-based discussion, rather than an answer-determined lecture. The goal of this workshop, rather, is to figure out if we are asking the best questions, recognizing that we have not had the best answers.



Is it time to make space
to talk about your place?