Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to Geocommunetric's free, online-only publication HOME :: KEEP.  

Geocommunetrics is now accepting submissions for the next HOME :: KEEP collection (iii), OTHERwise, featuring unexpected lessons from lovers, enemies, and strangers. Carrying the torch of public dialogue around storytelling, vulnerability, and openness, this publication seeks to be a space to share and a challenge to create care and curiosity. Wisdom can come from the strangest of situations - how do we both foster that wisdom, and respect the (un)familiar other?

The goal of presented works should be to explore the role of otherness, conflict, and vulnerability in identity formation and expression. Successful work invites the audience into stories where we learn from strangeness, rather than about the strangeness, through a relational turning point.

Both written and visual work will be reviewed. Audio and video submissions are welcome, as well, if they directly and strikingly fit the subject criteria. New and previously published work will be accepted. Previously published Home::Keep contributors are welcome to submit again. Please read the following guidelines before submitting. 

Submissions must be made by end of day Friday, February, 1, 2019.  
You may submit multiple times, and with different media.
Final publication date to be announced. Optimally Q2 2019.

Written Work :: 

Subject//Form:: Accepting poetry, poetic prose, and brief narrative pieces of personal reflection on challenging encounters with a lover, friend, stranger, or enemy that catalyzed a change of position, perspective, or behavior you would not have otherwise held.  Both fiction and non-fiction will be accepted, with preference to personal or observational narrative. All prose work should be relatively short in length, under 1000 words. Quick, deep cuts make the cut. Poetic work with experimental form and formatting is encouraged, given its ability to be translated via reproduction on the website. 

Written work can be submitted  via email to, subject line "[NAME] HK Written Submission." Written work should be attached as DOC or PDF files. Images pertinent to the written work may be submitted at the same time, with proper citation of artist.

Visual Media ::

Subject//Form:: Accepting visual work - photo, digital, collage, painting, mixed, etc. - emphasizing otherness, conflict, juxtaposition, relational turning points. Both objective and subjective work will be considered, both B/W and color. If submitting photos of non-photographic work, please submit high quality photographs.

All visual media pieces can be submitted via email to, subject line "[NAME] HK Visual Sumission." Images should be attached as JPEG. Videos should be attached as MP4, and/or linked to your artist website or private YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Video and media pieces should be less than 7 minutes in length to be considered, some exceptions may apply. All attached content should be described with title, media, and year in the body of the email and be attached with clear, distinct file names (example: Artist Title Year.jpeg). 

Audio Media ::

Subject//Form:: Accepting lyrical, instrumental, and electronic audio pieces. Genres from Folk to Electronica will be considered. Audio aesthetic should be generally accessible, however experimental expressions are encouraged.

Audio and sound media can be submitted via email to, subject line "[NAME] HK Audio Submission." The specific song/piece(s) to be considered should be attached as an MP3, and/or with a link to your Bandcamp, etc. website. Song and sound pieces should be less than 7 minutes each to be considered, some exceptions may apply.

Rights and Content Consideration :: 

All work remains under the original copyright of the artist, Geocommunetrics neither claims any rights nor offers any protection for your intellectual property. 

Content should be appropriate for the general public. However, given the invited subject material which may involve traumatic and/or violent situations, "appropriate audience" will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the the proper content warnings labeled as needed. Authenticity is to be honored over artificial censorship.

If you do not want your name associated with your published work for any reason, please submit your work under an assumed pseudonym, or make a note in your submission email. Your privacy will be respected. 

You will be contacted after acceptance to provide additional visual media for your submission, such as an image of a place you call home, a headshot, or other relevant media. Please keep this in mind. These additions will not be required for publication, but will aid in the expressive process.

In addition, all accepted artists will be further invited into an experimental expression project created by the curatorial team. Please be open-minded and willing to engage our process.

Not ready to submit, but really, really interested?  

Please send an email to with any questions, concerns, or creative suggestions. We're all in this together, and we want your creativity to be communicated in the best way possible.

Thank you for considering HOME :: KEEP a space to place your creativity.
This is a free, public project collected, edited, and compiled by volunteers.

Final publication to be determined by bulk of submissions and editorial curation. 



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