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The word GEOCOMMUNETRICS comes from three base understandings ::

GEO :: place-based
COMMU :: social group identity
NETRICS :: calculated graphics

Geocommunetrics pieces are experimental explorations, visualizing places as data and design, to provided backdrops for life and lenses for learning.

With Geocommunetrics pieces, The Zip Code Kid (TZCK) imagines how we see "home" and "Self" as a work of place and time, art and science, and, well, a bit of magical thinking. 




LAB NOTE :: changing pace

The past few years have provided various ways of creating with Geocommunetrics.
Reproduced pillows and prints were available in the past.  Recently, the focus has shifted to unique, site-specific installations and exploratory place portraits. If you are interested in commissioning a unique painting or design, please inquire.
Pillows are no longer available, at this time. 

Commissioned work is up for discussion.
TZCK prioritizes place- and personal-story based work,
derived from corporeal measurements and geographic narratives. Let's talk. 



Geocommunetrics is a new look at old philosophy: we belong to our places, and our places make us who we are. In a highly mobile and digital society, we can forget that it is the physical, the tangible, and the temporal things in this world that form us. Places - a home, a path, a watershed, a swingset - imprint their importance on your identity, and they become a part of your Self. 

Getting to know one's Self is crucial to knowing how one fits in one's community. Getting to know one's community helps one to feel at home in that place. Feeling at home allows one to feel more comfortable expressing  one's Self creatively, and to be hospitable to others' creative expressions of the Self.

Geocommunetrics thus hopes to combine these questions  of place and identity in aesthetic expression and visual research and analysis.  The hope is that through these experiments and meditations, you might find creative ways to make your Self at home.


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WORKS in PRO/cess
                in PRO/gress


Below are glimpses into the studio:
new or revised manifestations of Geocommunetrics.
These are experiments and aspirations.

Inspired? Let's collaborate.


current series :: PLACE PROPHETS :: 


// Montgomery, AL
:: 36104

A prophet of Holy Stubbornness, Rosa Parks helped to lead the charge during the Civil Rights movement by not moving from the bus seat she knew she had the right to sit upon. 


// Wheaton, IL
:: 60187

A prophet of Embodied Solidarity, Larycia Hawkins sits, stands, and dresses with the marginalized to foster interfaith dialogue and sacred togetherness in opposition to Church-enabled and State-sanctioned fracture. 


// White Earth, MN
:: 56591

A prophet of Sacred Soil, Winona LaDuke continually leads the charge against water- and environment-threatening oil pipelines, while sticking to a Native tradition of slow growth and grounded development. 

Surface Installations ::

2D + Textile Design ::

summer 2016 series :: CHIcommunectrics :: Mapping Chicago's Zip Codes

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