:: Chai // S Kibler


Several years ago the milk tea
(always with sugar) 
grew close to my heart.  
I didn't think I was someone  
who drank milk or dairy beverages
until I fell in love with chai.  

It happened without me even knowing it- 
that is, I didn't think twice about the whole matter
until I began craving it
while at home.  

On Saturday or Sunday afternoons, 
in between eventful mornings and full evenings, 
I would rest at home.  And that's when the cravings hit.  
Soon, chai became the beverage that epitomizes
a lazy, intentional, restful afternoon.  
What I find interesting, however, 
is that this symbolism exists
bound by time and place.

The potential of chai
reaches its fullest peak
at home, 
on a weekend afternoon.  

While my body physically calls for the fatty goodness
of the whole milk brought to a boil, combined with the sweetness and delicacy
of sugar and orange pekoe tea, 
it also craves the rhythms and stability
found in reliable patters brought to fruition
in their parameters of time and place.


S Kibler currently calls 55404 home. 

S Kibler currently calls 55404 home.