:: Shower // A J Saur


You enter naked, stripped
of those last vestiges of vanity. 
Everything is now out in the open. 
This, finally, is the you you are. 

And you will be welcomed here
with a warm caress poured
gentle over bent head, 
burdened shoulders. 

Close your eyes
give yourself to it, 
let its love roll down you, 
touching every imperfect thing
even the in between places, 
those cracks that won’t close. 

Stand here. 
Don’t move. 
Don’t contemplate your way forward, 
the endless attire of a clothed world. 
Steep in this moment
become rich, full-bodied. 

Then worship. 
Sing your song of thanksgiving off key. 
Hear your voice returned
more true. 

The world will ravage you, but don’t despair. 
Tomorrow you will come back, be seen, 
renew your friendship
with tile and faucet, 
with that admiring drain
always looking up to you.



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:: Living Without a Cat // A Gavitt


I am finding out some things about
living without a cat

Taking a nap, for instance,
is boring and
anyway I didn’t
even when the book I was reading
relaxed onto my lap

My attention wandered from the page
with no animal weight anchoring me
with the responsibility not to disturb
But I remained conscious of the lack of company
and so spent an hour doing nothing


when the addition of just one cat
would have made of my afternoon
a sought-for simple deep



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A Gavitt is known to illustrate and narrate worlds both familiar and fantastic. 

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