: : The Bed We Lie In // J MacPherson + L Yutuc

: : Living Spaces



I love it when
I hear a noise  
from the other side of the wall  
in my apartment. 
I imagine it’s you, 
you’ve come home  
again. It helps me  
picture our lives
playing out simultaneously; 
the distance collapsing  
like a telescope, becoming
more manageable. You get up–  
I can hear you
washing your face, cooking
breakfast, listening
to the radio. When
the walls are silent
you’re just at work, 
you’re just out
running errands. 

// J MacPherson



: : The Bed We Lie In

Creator's Note : : 

Out of impulse, I voluntarily entered a state of false homelessness with the following parameters: I could not return home for any reason and I cannot stay in the same place twice. In a span of two weeks, I was graced by the hospitality of friends and strangers, connected with people at the most profound level, and reflected deeply about my own self. I was reminded about the importance of coming home and what that means to the person you love. Thus, The Bed We Lie In focuses on my former partner's perspective as he recounts his experiences and thoughts during my time away.

// L Yutuc